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Optimal Stack - My Real Review and Results
optimal stack reviewsOptimal Stack is one of the latest pre-workout supplements on the market that promises a host of results. I came across this product about 2 months ago after seeing a blog post about combining it with a product called Sytropin, which is apparently an all natural hgh releaser. I decided to order the free trial of Optimal stack (but not Sytropin) so that I could see what all the fuss was about, and received my bottle just a few days after ordering it. So does it really work? Well, it turns out that I got "more than I bargained for", and you will learn why in this real review.
What is Optimal Stack?
Optimal stack is a pre-workout supplement that is manufactured by a company called Level Nutra, Inc. which is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The supplement promises a host of benefits, including increased focus and concentration during workouts, a boost in energy levels and pumps, and making you look more ripped. They don't really go into the mechanics of how it works on their official website, but they do share a number of customer reviews and testimonials on their official site.
These testimonials apparently show some really great results, and are complete with before and after photos of successfull users, as well as personal stories. They also go into a thorough comparison of Optimal Stack and other pre-workout boosters like N.O Xplode, Muscle Milk, and Whey protein, and how they differentiate from them. The directions state to take 2 pills before your workout, but don't really specify how long ahead of time you should do this.

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There is also reportedly a blog floating around on the internet that says if you take optimal stack with muscle factor x the results are increased even quicker. We also saw that Optimal stack can be combined with other products such as Sytropin, Muscle Factor X, Maximizer, and many others. It is always prudent to stack supplements like this together, because they usually do give you better results than if you just took it by itself.
My Results With Optimal Stack
I decided to just try out the Optimal Stack by itself, without combining it with any other supplements. In the first few days, I didn't really notice a huge difference in anything to be quite honest. I guess I was expecting it to work much quicker than usual, mainly because of all the hype surrounding the product. After the first few days were complete is when I started to notice a little bit of a difference.
I felt as though my workout intensity and focus was getting a little bit more concentrated, and I found my workouts becoming a little easier. Physically I didn't notice any real changes in the first week, but after weeks 2 and 3 were done, I did notice that I lost about 4 pounds. I think I actually lost a bit of fat during this time, and possibly even gained a little bit of muscle in the process. I wasn't getting any heads turning, but I felt like I looked better. I also felt better rested, and the quality of my sleep improved as well.
My Biggest Pet-Pieve With Optimal Stack 
After I finished my one months supply, I decided that I more or less got the results I was looking for. A couple of days later, I noticed I had a package waiting in my mailbox and opened it up. It was another bottle of Optimal Stack! I was like "cool, they sent me a bottle by mistake, this is great!". Even though I already felt like I got decent results from it, I figured I'd keep taking it.
Logging into my online bank account a few days later, I noticed that I had 2 charges in the amount of $87.47 on my credit card from some unknown company. I called my bank to find out what was going on, and they told me that the charges were from Optimal Stack. I was like, what the hell, I thought this s%$t was free! I found their customer service number on their official site, and called to inquire about the charges. When I finally got someone on the phone they told me that I agreed to sign up for their auto-recurring billing program, which charges me every month for their product.
I told them I thought it was a free sample, and they said "No, it is actually a free "trial", and you agreed to the terms of service of that trial". Needless to say, I was pissed! After a heated discussion about their business practices, they agreed to cancel my subscription but would not give me a refund. I left the phone conversation dissapointed, frustrated, and pissed off that I fell for something like this so easily.
I took to the internet to see if anyone else had experienced the same problems that I did, and low and behold, I found countless complaints on a wide variety of websites. Many of them had the same complaints I did, and it turned out that I was not alone. I felt a little bit better that I was not the only one, but this was short lived.
If you decide to try Optimal Stack yourself I suggest that you do so with caution and read the fine print. I felt totally scammed by them, and decided to write this blog because of it. Sure, the product kind of worked, and i did get pretty good results from it. But was it worth almost $180???? Not at all, and I am trying to treat it as a life lesson learned. There are plenty of products on the market that will get you much better results, without all of the hassles that I had to go through.

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